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by Genevive ZacconiPosted on July 3, 2014

Hi-Fructose recently caught up with Philadelphia-based artist Nosego as he prepares for his upcoming solo show at Thinkspace Gallery. The exhibition, entitled “Open Channels,” opens July 19 and will feature several new paintings as well as mixed media sculpture.

Manifested through imagery of fierce animals breaking through bizarre contraptions, the artist explains that his latest series expands upon the theme of focusing one’s inner strength to overcome life’s hurdles and evolve through past experiences. An accomplished street artist and videogame designer, Nosego’s fine art paintings feature an amalgamation of his interests as elements such as graffiti characters and cartoons are infused into brightly colored, fanciful scenes. By juxtaposing these familiar images with abstract compositions, each painting creates a bizarre yet beautiful realm where the commonplace intermingles with the subconscious.

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Back in the early 1970s, thousands of tropical parrots were brought to Japan as pets. As some were freed over the years, the city of Tokyo has developed a fascinating problem: parrot infestation!

Photographer Yoshinori Mizutani noticed the phenomenon shortly after moving to Tokyo, and has been documenting their bizarre presence ever since.

Photos of Tokyo’s Surreal Parrot Infestation 

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Sheeeeeeeeeit, how could I not reblog this…

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my friends went to see tfios without me

two of my closest friends went swimming without me

my friend had his 16th birthday but didn’t invite me while inviting 2 of my friends right in front of me

but he invited me last year???

even if i tried to do something with people they…

Heh you probably got this before but shit is gonna get better, in the bigger scheme of things, you’ll be better off and happier in life. For reelz high school ain’t shit but a stressful moment… I’d be willing to bet you won’t be selling life insurance or in jail in the future.

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I’m a sucker for these nature takes over man-made monstrosities themed photo essays. Thousands of fish have taken over the now derelict New World Mall in Bangkok. The onetime Thai shopping emporium was shut down in 1997 due to building code violations and a massive fire that destroyed its roof. Apparently rainwater slowly filled the abandoned building and caused a major mosquito outbreak in the area. It was a bad enough problem that in an effort to stop the mosquitos, locals introduced freshwater fish to the abandoned mall to eat the insects.

I guess it worked like a charm, because now mall is alive and kicking with thousands of thriving fish. I like that idea. Shops around the mall even sell fish food to tourists or the curious.


Does this fall under the “What are you going to do with 10 000 lady bugs, sir?” category….No? 

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MAN SAVES PUPPY FROM HOT CAR BY SMASHING WINDOW - With temps in the 90s and a golden retriever puppy cooking in a car, Alex Soper says he didn’t think twice when a shopper asked him to break the car window.”

Here’s yet another story about a dog being left in a hot car. A Golden Retriever puppy was left alone in a car in the parking lot of Westwood Mall in Jackson, Michigan. A woman noticed the dog and sought help from Alex Soper, who happened to be passing by. Soper smashed the car window and saved the puppy. Read more from WLNS:

"It was in the heat of the moment. This lady was distressed. She tells me everything and i look in there. There’s this helpless dog again and it had to be done. Somebody has to do it whether it was me or the next person that walked up behind me. Someone was going to end up doing it," explained Soper.

He says he and the woman looked for the owner and called the police, but after a half hour with the pup panting- they couldn’t wait any longer.

"It was a hot hot day and it was hot inside the car and the windows weren’t even cracked not that i condone that but not even a window cracked," said Soper.

Jackson County animal shelter volunteer Joseph Lebeau says signs like panting can mean the dog is in danger.

"Heat exhaustion, dehydration- scardness cause they’re left alone and it’s hot. The heat. They can actually expire in a car just like a child," explained Lebeau.

in Jackson leaving a dog in a hot car is illegal. But so is breaking someone’s window.

So unless a prosecutor says otherwise Soper could face charges. But to him that doesn’t matter.

"Given the chance I’d do it again," said Soper.

Fortunately for this puppy, people stepped forward and took action. However, it appears that many owners are still unaware of the dangers of leaving dogs in hot cars. Click here for the full story and a news video. (Screenshots from WLNS)

Direct action in the name of furry beasts…

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In the late 1960’s, photographer Arthur Tress began a series of photographs that were inspired by the dreams of children. Tress had each child he approached tell him about a prominent dream of theirs which Tress would then artistically re-create and photograph with the child as the main subject. 


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Awwwwwe Doom…. you old softy…. I just realized I dunno who did this?
Art by Aaron Jasinski

Awwwwwe Doom…. you old softy…. I just realized I dunno who did this?

Art by Aaron Jasinski

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To be stupid, selfish, and have good health are three requirements for happiness, though if stupidity is lacking, all is lost.
Gustave Flaubert (via aestivalism)

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